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What Are Zombie Knives
What Are Zombie Knives

What Are Zombie Knives

A ban on "zombie knives" comes into pressure this week in England and Wales – and can help "hold communities safer", says the government. So what are they and what hurt have they caused in the UK?

What are zombie knives?
Additionally called "zombie killer" knives, they are ornate blades typically printed with skulls or toxic-warning symbols inspired by horror films. The ban specifies a zombie knife has a innovative, a serrated edge and "photos or words that suggest it is to be used for the aim of violence".

Where are they sold?
The blades have been available on-line and in some shops for as little as £8, says the BBC. Final year, the Categorical & Star newspaper in the Midlands found 1,600 such knives on auction web site eBay, some branded "head splitter" and others decorated with "blood spatter".

Who buys the knives?
Although they're often focused at "collectors", the blades are being purchased by gang members in the UK and sometimes displayed on social media, police say. Their giant measurement makes them stunning – and more dangerous.

Have they proved fatal in the UK?
Yes. In Could, Blaise Lewinson, 17, was jailed for all times for stabbing to demise Stefan Appleton in a London park. According to the Daily Mail, Appleton, also 17, was stabbed as soon as within the leg and once within the chest with a 25ins blade. Serial killer Joanna Dennehy additionally posed for a photograph with one of many knives before stabbing three men to death.

What has been banned?
From Thursday, it will likely be unlawful to manufacture, promote, import or hire knives of this kind in England and Wales. Anyone caught breaking the law will resist 4 years in jail. Safeguarding minister Sarah Newton stated the ban would "hold communities protected", adding that the knives "glamourise violence" and have "no place in any way in our society".

Does the ban have any pitfalls?
A musician called Laynx told BBC's popularmmos real life minecraft Newsbeat the knives could turn into more of a standing symbol now. "I think if anything, [the ban will] increase knife crime. It's exclusive now because it is banned. Whoever's received these can sell them now and make a killing," he said.